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See you February 8!

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Feb 8



Fun. Delicious. Extra.

Ampersand Cake Company is a small-batch treat and cake boutique serving Denmark, WI and the surrounding Fox Valley area. We choose quality over quantity each and every day.

Our limited retail hours make each trip to our shop a special occasion. Each of our cupcake flavors are designed to put the & in life. Our cheesecake is simple, smooth and rich. Our cream puffs are worth every calorie! Try a hand pie or a cheesecake crumb bar? You need to! 

Artistry is a mainstay in our baking studio, both in design and flavor. We specialize in retail creations and custom wedding cakes, as well as expertly designed special order cakes for any occasion. Our cakes truly taste as good as they look!

Not into cake? Ask about offering a dessert buffet tempting enough to skip the main course!


Peruse our galleries to see what some of our past clients have enjoyed, and then contact us or stop in during our retail hours. We are dedicated to creating treats that are sometimes fun, sometimes sophisticated, and always delicious.



We will do our best to answer you within 12-24 hours with the exception of Sundays

Please include:

Date you want to pick up the order

Serving Count/Size

Decor Details

Message (if it's a cake)


Budget- we offer designs for many budgets and can offer suggestions to respect your needs. All of our starting prices for cakes are under our Celebrations page


Please include your:

Wedding Date

Reception Location

Estimated Guest Count

Design requests- while you do not have to have a design chosen prior to booking, if you have your heart set on a certain cake or style, please let us know! 

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